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Sarah's Fault

I am breaking my almost-six-months-long silence BECAUSE OF SARAH'S MEME.  Because it declared that I MUST, since I viewed the post.  It was my grand plan not to post til the 28th, exactly six months after my previous post, but I have been foiled.

Also I'm waiting for Beth to get back with Jen and Andy from Universal, since I couldn't go since I had work.

Therefore, here goes!

+ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
+ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
+ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

This is my desktop and I am unnaturally proud of it.  It still makes me squee every time I see it.  I LOVE the boxy little cardboard skirt!  It's the perfect mix of nature (which is usually what my desktop looks like) and cute.  Also the cardboard robot is yearning towards the Boston countdown, like I am yearning towards the vacation that Beth and I are taking to Boston in October!

And now I shall relax until Beth gets here.  I woke up 12.5 hours ago.  12 hours ago I was headed to work.  I have to be back at work in 14.5 hours and I SHOULD be going to bed soon, but I would much much rather go chill with Jen and Andy, who are visiting from Ohio and staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, so that is what I will do.

Rusty can just deal with me being sleepy and grumpy when I get in tomorrow morning for another 6 am shift.  Though, that means half of my shift has NO CUSTOMERS in it because we don't even open til 10!  Yay productivity!

This is Just to Say #10

Hi, guys!  I'm updating!  In bullet points because I have to go to WalDog before I go to work for another ridiculous holiday season retail shift.

1. I am alive!

2. So I got my first oven burn yesterday.  It didn't hurt at all when it happened but I gather that's the way of things.  But then it hurt all during my shift yesterday.  And I was all, "how do you get a burn to stop itching?" to my vegan friend Helen, and of course the first thing she said was, "aloe!"  And then she told me in great detail how I cold get an aloe plant and break off the stem thingies and how her mom always had an aloe plant by the kitchen door..  Anyway, I just used some of the stuff I had in a bottle.  AND NOW IT'S ALMOST COMPLETELY HEALED.  I'm still amazed by this.  In all honesty, this is the reason I wanted to post.  Because it is a MIRACLE.

3. Um.  Three.  I had a three.  OH!  I was good and productive this year with the Christmas cards I had to send to family and stuff!  I actually sent them!  True, they went out yesterday and will probably be late.  But I SENT them, which is what counts!  I even sent them to Dr. Diecidue my thesis advisor and Dr. Mooney my thread leader person.  How brown nosy of me.

4. I would really like a real serious business job.  After the holidays, I'm going to attempt to find one.

HAPPY COLD TIME, everyone!!  Miss you all!
Hello, everyone.  :-D

I know, I've basically.. stopped using this..  Heh.

Anyway!  I have a question that Sarah or Liz or Tyler might be able to answer.  Remember back in the day when we put stuff we'd written online?  It was a site that was LIKE fanfiction.net but wasn't?  It was more for..  not!fanfiction?  I can't remember what it was called at ALL and it's driving me crazy.  It was the first time I'd ever used the name 'paixe' for anything.



So, since my thesis advisor fell down and broke her knee, we did the big review-my-thesis-draft over the phone and it took FOREVER and made me 15 minutes late for my Brit Lit final, but it's ALL GOOD, MY FRIENDS.



So excitedddd!  She says she never gives A+ on theses, but she's giving ME one!  I could have crapped rainbows I was so happy.

But also stressed, because I was late for a final.

Soooo, the only thing I have left to do in the world of undergrad is to take a final a week from today at 10 am.  Then I AM DONE WITH COLLEGE.

It is such a weird, weird feeling.

Also, interesting note.  I started this journal a few months before I started here.  So my entire college history is recorded in LiveJournal.  Just thought that was interesting.

Also, Barney is on my coffee cup sleeve from Starbucks.  I was so surprised.  How I Met Your Mother Mocha Uberraschung.  Did I spell that wrong?

Now I'm off to work til 3 am!


Wordle: Honors Thesis

I like this one better. Love how Prospero and Polonius ended up one on top of the other, in the same size, because they're basically polar opposites.

I sent it off to Diecidue, my adivser, a few minutes ago. The conclusion definitely isn't good enough, but I'm at a point where, all said and told, I'd be content with being DONE.

And now I'm hungry. :-D

PS: I gave Beth mono. *sigh* Oh, and we're going to look at apartments today, hopefully!

Almost Done


So, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not really using LJ much lately.. Sorry about that.

What I am using is My Daily Photo. I've updated every day for 45 days now! It's awesome. If you have a digital camera, I seriously suggest you look into joining mDP with me!

Here's my link: http://mydailyphoto.com/paixe/

I got my brother to join!

In other news, I'm trying not to die of stress. It's just LIFE OMG over here. How the hell are we going to survive in the Real World when we're forced to graduate? Panic, panic, panic.

My shining star is Beth. We passed 6 months, by the way! At the end of February on her dad's birthday. She makes me so, so, so happy. She's what I work for, so that we can have our own place someday soon.

If I can find a damn job in Orlando that will make me able to afford an apartment. And if she can secure a similar job with Disney.

So many ifs! Trying not to think about it!

Thesis is going well, if not quickly. Oh, and I got the email that says my application for graduation has been approved, pending completion of my current classes! That's awesome. I mean, I knew it would be approved, but it's still nice to have it in writing. I'm considering printing the email. For memory's sake.

Graduation is on May 1st. Then the Real World starts.

Holy hell.


Caboodle Ranch

I just spent $58 on a shirt and a tote bag from this guy to help support the Caboodle Cat Ranch.  I KNOW I don't have money to spare.  And I probably should have waited until I wasn't all drugged up, but I believe in this cause!  This random guy just started taking care of unwanted and homeless cats, out of his own pocket and any donations he gets.  He bought 30 acres of land and spends all his time there, building them shelters and underground dens and nature trails.  He built them a walmart!  No joke!  He spent $100,000 right out of his pocket, and lives in a little cabin nearby.  For a guy who had that much to spend on cats, it must have been a significant lifestyle change for him.  You should see this little news video about it.  It makes you go squee.  http://www.zootoo.com/petnews/walmartfelinetownbuiltfor500ca-1128  The guy is just a.. guy.  Who is trying to do something good for the hundreds of cats who don't have homes.  He's based near Tallahassee, in Florida, but he takes in cats from all over the country, actually.  People can bring him their pets, if they can't care for them anymore, and he won't refuse anyone.  He sounds like a humble man who's found his purpose in life and I wanted to help him with it.  Bad luck that his purpose ended up being really, really expensive.

I found the link to the story through the lolcats site, and if it got me to buy something, who never buys anything online, then hopefully it'll get others to donate too.  I want this guy to succeed.

Also, I'm a little bit high on t3h sleeping pillz.  I'll use that as an excuse as well.

GO, crazy cat man!


So I've been playing around with this site lately.  It's called myDailyPhoto.com and it's basically awesome.  You upload a picture a day, kind of like a photo journal or something.  It's fun.  :-D  My username is the same there as it is here.  Paixe.

In other brief news, I FINALLY have direction in my thesis!  I've been thinking about it all day and am kind of sick of it at this point, but in brief, I'm studying father/daughter relations in Shakespeare, particularly in Merchant of Venice, Taming of the Shrew, and King Lear.  I've had the topic for a day and I'm already much farther than I was when I was doing whatever I was doing with Much Ado and Taming.  I'm sad I picked Taming to focus on for the comedy, but it more obviously fits with the rest.  And of course I'll be talking about as many plays as possible to fill up the 30 pages I have to write.  Ew.

Also, the damn alarmed door is beeping at the end of the hall.  That sound makes me kind of..  annoyed.  No, really annoyed.  Seriously.  I go 'grr' inside every time I hear it, which is about every 27 seconds or so.

Hopefully they'll fix it tomorrow.

This Is Just To Say #9

High school girl customer yesterday:  "I read The Giver by Lois something, but I'm looking for the second one called The Receiver."

Me:  "...?"

Seriously  You can't make up stuff like that.